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Seminar on slimming technology 2016: One time treatment only - Guarantee effectiveness


In the morning on September 24th, 2016, Seminar on Slimming Technology 2016 – one treatment only – guarantee effectiveness” took place in the cozy atmosphere at Svan Clinic & Spa.


In the morning on September 24th, 2016, Seminar on Slimming Technology 2016 – one treatment only – guarantee effectiveness” took place in the cozy atmosphere at Svan Clinic & Spa. Non-surgical Slimming Technology Seminar at Svan attracted over 100 guests registering to attend.

With the goal of giving all customers the overview and detail of preeminent slimming method. Svan Clinic & Spa invited nutrition expert, Master – Doctor Nguyen Thi Bich Duyen – Professor at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, and Doctor Nguyen Thi Minh Trang – who directly implements the treatment process at Svan Clinic & Spa. Besides 2 doctors, representative of Svan Clinic & Spa, Ms. Pham Cam Van (profession and research director) exchanges with guests in the hall in the informal manner.

During the seminar, experts take turns to analyze the causes of “Fatty”  and evaluate other slimming methods. Specially, the highlight of seminar is the one time slimming technology only– guarantee for effectiveness and no surgery, named HIFU LIPO whose details is presented most clearly by  Ms. Pham Cam Van.

This is the extremely effective and modern method which is highly appreciated by expert around the world, comparing with traditional slimming method. Understanding and catching up with trend of comprehensive beauty of all women, Svan Clinic & Spa is the first representative who directly imports this equipment and receives the technology transferred from American experts. With the slimming process HIFU LIPO, customers completely feel secure that there is no invasion and surgery, and there is a commitment that fat reduction at each area of body depends on each customer’s body conditions. The medical team at Svan will monitor periodically and make the best treatment regimens according to needs of each beloved customer.

Moreover, at the seminar, guests have opportunities to exchange the information with actual person who spent the successful slimming process at Svan Clinic & Spa – Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Hoa. Besides, Svan Clinic & Spa conducted a demo examination and treatment on stage. It has created a strong impression on attendants. It is sure that when witnessing the change of body beauty of Ms. Hoa and a person in demo treatment process, many customers who are hesitating make decision to make beauty.

The most attractive thing of seminar is lucky draw with excellent structure of gifts, attracting the eagerness and expectation of many guests in the hall. Besides program of 30% discount only on September 24th, 5 luckiest guests became the owners of the high-value prizes including the first prize is 100 % free belly fat reduction by HIFU LIPO worthy 40,000,000 vnd. The seminar brings different chances of making beauty to guests in general and lucky guests receiving the prizes in particular.

At the end of seminar, consultants of Svan Clinic & Spa spend much time consulting, explaining and answering many questions, and recording the appointments which customers book. Online exchange with experts creates the best chances for customers to have answers about making beauty of theirs.

Svan Clinic & Spa is very pleased to receive the enthusiastic support from guests attending seminar. The number of attendants exceeds our expectation. We hope that in the future Svan Clinic & Spa will receive more and more customers’ love and concern for the next beauty seminars with presence of experts.


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