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Signing contract on transferring exclusive technology with Meso Pure White from Korea


At 9 am, on October 27th, 2016, representative of Svan Clinic & Spa is carrying out the signing contract on transferring Korean exclusive technology, Meso Pure White, from KMTS group.

Ms. Pham Cam Van – Mr. Yun Myoung handshake at the signing celebration on technology transfer.

Meso Pure White, the result of many-year research opens the trend of naturally beautiful face without make-up not only in Korean but also in many Asian countries. This technology, which is the excellent combination of minimal invasion, the brightening essence Meso White, and the brightening and tightening cover derived from precious metal, platinum and DNA of salmon in the deep sea, is first applied to beauty making technology successfully. We highly appreciate the efficiency of glowing the skin tone for millions customers after using meso pure white.

Mr. Yun Myoung presents and emphasizes every highlight point of Meso Pure White to the whole professional therapist of Svan Clinic & Spa

Also, at the celebration, all professional therapists of Svan Clinic & Spa receive the technology transferred directly from expert YUN MYOUNG. He said each customer has the different pigment and skin conditions, so understanding the structure and principles of technology exactly is the decisive factor for accuracy and effectiveness of process.

urses and doctors at Svan Clinic & Spa catch  the process of Meso Pure White

Special advantage of Korean Meso Pure White is Platinum mask extracted from 100% DNA of precious ocean salmon, whose effect is to “lock the nutrients” so as to bring to customer the tight bright and glowing original face like it is covered by light makeup.

It is always leading in researching and applying the advanced and effective technology to Vietnamese people. Therefore, as soon as this technology is introduced, there are many customers registering to use the service. However, the luckiest customer is Ms. Truong Thi Hai Ha who is the first person experiencing the direct treatment process by Korean expert Yun Myoung.

Ms. Hai Ha ( Designer _ 26 years old) shares that “I am surprised that my skin is tight, smooth and bright after only the first process”

Meso Pure White brings the beauty of white bright smooth and tight skin as soon as the first experience. Each customer registering direct treatment will satisfy the pure beauty of skin. Svan Clinic & Spa commits to guarantee in 1 year for every customer using Meso Pure White.

Leading in and catching up the trend of modern beauty making, Svan constantly gives customers more advanced and high quality beauty making technologies in the near future. On occasion of the launch of this service, Svan Clinic & Spa is implementing a comprehensive program on 30% discount when purchasing the process of Meso Pure White.

Requirements to participate in program

  • For customers who buy their process of Meso Pure White at celebration.
  • For customers with Member Card.
  • Not for the customers in program of 60% discount for the first experience.
  • Specially, when customers buy the package of treatment, their effectiveness of brightness will be guaranteed in 1 year.


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