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"Perfect Shape" - Secret of a happy family of a mother with 2 children


“The feelings of inferiority about large measurements of body after pregnancy causes the distance between me and my husband. This makes me feel a lot more difficult in family life”… 


“The feelings of inferiority about large measurements of body after pregnancy causes the distance between me and my husband. This makes me feel a lot more difficult in family life”… These are the heartfelt words shared between Svan Clinic & Spa and Mrs. Minh Hoa when receiving her request on weight loss.

Like a lot of customers coming to us, Mrs Hoa has imbalance measurements after pregnancy due to lack of physical activities and eating much food containing high nutrients causing the measurements changes negatively. Waist and thighs have signs of sagging because of overweight. After being examined by the doctor, Mrs. Hoa decided to use Perfect Shape slimming therapy fitted with her weight and appearance index.

Reasons why doctor choose Perfect Shape slimming therapy for Mrs.Hoa?

During pregnancy, the body changes a large amount of estrogen and the levels of estrogen fall, which cause the accumulation of fat tissue at waist. In the process of child-feeding, many people who are diagnosed with depression due to stress crave for food and supplement energy often. This makes her gain weight quickly. Mrs. Minh Hoa is one of the postpartum women in a state of much weight gain in the abdominal and thigh area, because of lacking physical activities and eating more while raising children.

What are principles of Perfect Shape slimming therapy?

Slimming aims to create a beautiful body with standard curve with golden ratio. It is not merely weight loss but fat reducing evenly on body parts from the inside to outside. The opinion of modern slimming is that the beauty of ideal body is at a toned waist, growing bust, and round buttock.

When using Velas – Shape technology with 3 separate tips combined Lipo Laser, bi- polar RF radio frequency power and Ultrasonic Cavitation… can generate heat from 45 to 65 degree Celcius with wavelength of 650nm penetrating into the areas having hard fat at the bottom of the dermis, then liquefying them and quickly leaching out. Velas – Shape technology also contributes to the development of collagen fiber and helps the skin at treated areas become stretching and shrink the measurements effectively.

Wonderful effect that Perfect Shape slimming therapy brings to Mrs.Minh Hoa

Ending the process of 10 days, Mrs. Minh Hoa’s waist reduces by more than 32 cm, from the initial 52kg, now, she weighs 48kg and can totally fit the medium size clothes. This is the dreamed figure that she herself also startles. While the weight-loss drugs or liposuction surgery are painful and harmful to health, Perfect Shape uses the 40000HZ powerful ultrasound wave to emit vibrations in order to disrupt toxin diaphragm, completely demolish hard fat in the back, waist, shoulder, thighs,…without any affects to the surrounding areas.

The effect of belly fat reduction of Mrs. Hoa is rated more than 90% by doctor. The change of body shape in a positive trend of Mrs. Hoa make many relatives, friends and even her husband happy and surprised. Now, she is no longer depressed because of delicate things such as oversized clothes, afraid to let husband hug her because of fat belly,…or simply going out for a coffee with friends in their admiring glances.

Especially, not only her 3 measurements get smaller but the stretch marks during pregnancy disappear as well thanks to massage and detoxifying acupressure therapy at Svan Clinic & Spa.

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